Manga Day: Recovery

Salutations and wonderful manga/Comic book day greetings to you and yours. Today is a typical manga day for me with not too many hiccups. I got up pretty early, or was it that I went to bed pretty late after an all nighter of watch_dogs. I got through Naruto as usual and then Bleach. With no One Piece this week it is a bit sad, but it is for that best as Oda-san is supposed to be having surgery and will be recovering. As a fan of his work I would hate for him to rush back and disregard his health or One Piece may never be completed and who would ever want that. So get well Oda-san, we the fans shall wait patiently.

Mysterious girlfriend x: chapter 88 

Yes folks there is a new chapter, and it is glorious. You know me, I love the romantic stuff, and this chapter is full of it. It starts with the girls sitting together talking about their boyfriends. Suwano mentions that she can’t turn her’s down when he’s blushing at the things she does while asking to take pictures of her. Then Oka adds that that is just a phase that he will soon be over that, like her and her boyfriend. Urabe as usual takes this new information and decides to put it to the test. She buys a drink, drinks from it and then asks Tsubaki if he wants, he promptly accepts the offer and drinks it. After their exchange of drool he notices something wrong, but goes home nonetheless. Upon arriving at his house and drinking his SIS’s drink off the counter he by chance gets scolded for the act and some advice from his sis, realizes what was wrong before. This results in him leaving to go visit Urabe immediately to apologize, which he does from an intercom due to her saying she was doing something. Lucky us and him after the apology she opens the door and we get to see Urabe in her towel all covered in Water droplets @_@

I think i'm in love.
I think i’m in love.

The chapter ended strange after that, in a good way. I was not sure if she was happy or displeased that he was blushing after seeing her in her towel. Either way I hope it doesn’t take long for us to get another chapter.

And with that I end this weeks manga day as usual with what else I’ve been reading…..

  • Minamoto kun 126: to be honest I’m just waiting till he shags her and moves on to the next chick. I know I feel like a beast for thinking this way but its the truth, plus that all this manga has to offer at this point.
  • Bleach 583 : This week was just as last week, and the a few months ago. the story is in a state of flux, repeating itself only with new characters.
  • Naruto 679: So far I’m still intrigued. I don’t know if you readers notice but i’m extremely vague about this particular manga. This is due to the fact that Thinker reviews it and I don’t want to cloud our site with too much redundancies.
  • Btooom 67: As usual this manga has stepped up. I’m liking how his father is getting involved. Also what’s with the voodoo being added to the story, that’s new. color me intrigued.

Share your thoughts, and what you read today in the comments section below.

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  1. I hope you are enjoying Watch Dogs. I have to say that reading these remarks one after the other made be chuckle :-

    “You know me, I love the romantic stuff” followed by “I’m just waiting till he shags her and moves on to the next chick.”

      1. Same. It’s one of those things you get hooked on, I know what ya mean. I’d like it to be more steady, once every two weeks maybe, but eh, at least it doesn’t go on hiatus like HunterxHunter did.

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