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Sasuke’s eye traits reveal, Inoue’s boobs or Class E’s brilliance. I’m honestly not sure which I’m more excited by.  I can say that for once One Piece is not the most exciting read I had. This is not to say that OP was bad this week, it’s just a testament to how good the others are this week.  Anywho lets not dilly dally, today is manga day and I’m sure you’d much rather be reading manga than reading what I have to write.

Naruto 685

Normally I leave our Naruto manga reviews to Thinker, and so I’m usually vague if I ever mention it in a manga day article, but alas today I must write a bit more. To be blunt I have mostly been lost when it came to the finer details of this manga. I didn’t even notice the real Naruto was the only one with Gudoudama behind him until Kagura observantly pointed it out, (shows how much I’m paying attention right?). I literally had to go back to the first few pages to double check. This week however was not Naruto’s week. It was all Sasuke. Yes he only appears on five pages, most of which were just glimpses of him, but with the impact that the last page left was enough for me to say this was his chapter. His ability to instantly swap places is amazing. He’s only able to move short distances, so think Nightcrawler or Deadpool. This is something that I’m sure many of you have been wondering since he got his Mangekyou, I know I have. It is nice to know what his eye’s ability is now as it adds a feeling of completeness to the character, OH! and Sakura was there. :p  lol Captain useless was actually a bit useful this week.

Assassination Classroom 93

This is the manga that you should be reading. Why? Well it’s awesome and that’s a “fact“. The Students of class E are such a crafty bunch that I never expect them to loose. This expectation is flawed however because they and their Sensei have been defeated before, and sometimes in situations that I expected them to pull some bit of awesome out of nothing and win. Their loosing is however not a bad thing because it makes them relatable. When it comes to a good story relatablity is a very important part of it being a success. We all have good days and bad days, we all have flaws and we seek a form of similarity in our fiction. If the characters were to always win then it would seem unnatural and we would reject it. Class E are currently on what seems to be a winning streak in this battle to knock down the enemies poll, but after every few pages they are countered and to be honesty I can’t guess which way this is going to end. As it stands I’m just enjoying the show like Koro-sensei.

What else I read today:

  • One Piece 753: Showing the way that even after being told the truth about the injustice being done to us we humans may still choose to side with the one that hurts us, because it seems like the easy way out. This is what I take from this chapter as the most important aspect of it. The people of Dressrosa have chosen to try and capture their king and the people that are trying to save them, the ones that freed their love ones. They do this out of fear; despite from a logical point of view it seems to be the wrong answer. This is how humans are and this is why One Piece is such an great manga, it touches on topics that we may not expect in a manner that at second glance is deeper than it seems.
  • Bleach 589: Boobs…. That is all. Oh I am serious. That’s all this chapter means to me and I’m not at all ashamed to say that. Bleach has always excelled in one aspect of manga and that is presentation. It is one of the cleanest, easy to follow and beautiful manga that I have ever read.  Oh and there’s a repetitive story attached to all that beautiful art 😉

Well with that I’ll just wish you all a splendid conclusion of your Mangaday. I know everyone is reading something awesome so leave it in the comments section below and remember have a wonderful Manga Day.


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