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new 3DS

What just happened? I went to bed, got up this morning and the world I knew was gone. Nintendo actually did it. After a few years of fans saying the 3DS needed some changes they actually did them and they are glorious. Nintendo has announced that 2 new 3DS models will be released. They will not be calling it the 3DS 2, but it will in fact be called “New 3DS & New 3DS XL” .  The new systems will be sporting new buttons, features and a new mini circle pad. Yes guys say goodbye to all those boats.

Honestly I feel like I have to pinch myself, and check the date to make sure its not April. This is the kind of new that you get and 2 hours later someone says “ops sorry just kidding”. These new 3DS will have new faster CPUs too that will allow them to run newer games, a new OS and more. The system will also be able to new use themes and will be able to sport interchangeable faces face plates. We wanted to back up our 3DS to our PC wirelessly, we got that too. Nintendo missed nothing in this update. Just by looking at the system you can tell they considered everything that their fans have been saying. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will announce next that it will be region free.

The New 3DS models will be retailing at 16,000 and 18,800 yen respectively, which translates roughly to $160 and $188 in US. These prices are rough estimations so when they hit Western shores you can expect that they may be a bit higher. The system is expected to launch next year in Japan first.

Anywho i must now go as i have to acquire a gun. Why you ask? well its about time i carry that old wallet out back and put two in his side. Yep Nintendo has found a way to make me buy something that i already own all over again. 

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  1. None of this really makes me want to open my wallet for it.

    Firstly, as Kadan said, the system needs a dual analogue, playing games like Monster Hunter without it is just plain old torture. The fact the systems don’t have this is a huge negative.

    PC backups are nice, but not really a ground breaking feature and nothing to really get excited about IMO.

    Then we’ve got that price, at the moment the estimated price in the UK is around £180-200, and i have to ask, WTF are Nintendo smoking? I can get a brand new Vita which so far is flat out the superior machine, for £138. So they’re expecting me to pay a premium to play Pokemon, which is essentially the same game as it was way back on the game boy, only with a new coat of paint.

    Now, saying it’s got a faster CPU dosn’t mean squat, if the CPU is only a little bit faster. The big question is, how will it handle in comparison to the Vita. I loved Fire Emblem, but the fact that all the toons were footless drove me nuts. and that was all down to the CPU not being powerful enough.

    The 3DS is an underpowered system that relies on ancient IP (though some of them i admit are good and solid IP) to sell it. Seriously, look at Pokemon, that game has barely changed since the 90’s.

    Nintendo need to scrap the 3D aspect and go for a Vita challenger. Of course they also need to support the system and stop pissing off their users by making promises and not filling them.

    For me, Nintendo are on my shit list. They screwed me with Shin Megumi, they screwed us with persona, and now it looks like they’re gonna try screwing with us again.

    Sad thing is, i LIKE the 3DS, I like having the split screen and think it works well. Shame Nintendo like shooting themselves in the foot

  2. Okay i watched the reveal trailor and see the second pad (shame on you Q for not mentioning it in the post). That said, it’s size and positioning are stupid. Who ever designed this new 3DS should be fired imo, the guy is useless

  3. The Vita is miles ahead of the 3DS, in terms of tech, so an update was needed. I think they should have just made a new handheld. Having two versions of the 3DS is going to cause confusion.

    1. yes the Vita is more powerful I agree (love my vita), but looking at the sales numbers of the 3DS compared to the Vita i’d say that Nintendo is not even competing with Sony’s vita at this point. Instead it seems that they are just gonna keep a 3 tier system that caters for different price brackets. this will insure that their systems can be bought by more people, thus raising their market of consumers, and also adding to the amount of software sales.

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