“Oceanhorn” — Bribing Gillfolk with Honey?!

Last time I left off, we had managed to defeat Turmoss in the Forest Shrine and retrieve the Emblem of Earth. We also saw that the Owru were not all gone and there might be a glimmer of hope yet for their race.

Having been summoned back to Hermit Isle, we head there and the Hermit tells us that we should go down into the well to seek out a special item. An odd request, true, but the well turns out to be the entrance to The Great Chronicler’s Grave. Down there, we indeed do find something special and bring it back to him. Then, we head to Tikarel Island where the Festival of Sol is taking place, only to learn that we will need to travel up Humming Hill with Neeti and set off the fireworks ourselves. Things don’t go as smoothly as we might hope, though, and we end up having to fight that strange man in dark armor at the peak of the hill. He’s easily defeated, though, and in talking to Neeti we get some new locations added to our sea chart.

Before heading to Gillfolks Drop, I make a stop at Southwind Isle. As it turns out, we need to bribe the guard to the town of the Gillfolk, and Gillfolk are very fond of honey. A merchant selling honey is trapped in a cave on Southwind Isle, so we go there, solve a somewhat complicated puzzle, and set him free. Then, we have to take the honey with us and deliver it by hand (carrying it!!) all the way to the entrance to the Gillfolk town.

Next time around, we’ll have to head to the Old Fortress and then finally into the Cavern of Fire, so stay tuned!

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.

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