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We had the great pleasure of meeting up with Motiga the developers behind Gigantic again this year at PAX and checking in on there creation that is now nearing closed BETA and hopefully launching Q1 next year. If you aren’t familiar with Gigantic it’s easily explained as a FPS MOBA. The nice thing about this game is the vastness of characters you’re able to play as. as you can see below.

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As you can tell by the art style it’s a more cartoon like game, but don’t let that fool you. Although Gigantic is easy enough for a beginner to pick up and play it is also in-depth enough to have intense battles of skill and strategy. The whole premise of the game is to take out the opposing teams “Guardian” or sage as other MOBA’s call them. As pictured below.

The whole battle is based on you killing the enemy, or capturing one of the points lit up on the map, which in turn powers your Guardian, which once fully powered comes out of hiding to attack the opposing teams guardian leaving it vulnerable for your attack. The first team to destroy the other Guardian wins the game. Sounds easy right? Think twice, each time a Guardian comes out to attack or battle the whole landscape is changed by the destruction these legendary beasts cause. Speaking of landscape, unlike most other MOBA’s or FPS games this landscape since ever changing comes up with multitudes of ways to play.

This along with the amazingly fun gameplay and leveling system traditionally only found in MOBA’s leaves Gigantic in a class all of it’s own. Each round even if you play the same character can be a new build for you a new experience, and it WILL be an experience. Even gamers who don’t like MOBA’s like Tim say they had an amazing time and are excited to get in another round! Below you will find a catalog of images from the developers they have given me. So please if you are interested in Gigantic or want to try the beta head over to

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