Super Mario Maker Rant

Ahhhh Nintendo’s very own Little Big Planet… Just seven years late… but better than never right? To be honest, I have always had a strict criteria when it comes to judging media and Mario Maker was no exception. I was disappointed to a point where I had to vent it out here, to the world wide web.

Unlocking ContentCFHbLLi

I don’t agree with Nintendo’s choice of the player having to unlocking the tools that allow you to create. The name of the game is Super Mario Maker, but you can’t pick up the game and make a level, the player is restricted to the first row of tools only. When I got my copy of Mario Maker, I was incredibly excited to drop all my creative thoughts onto this game, but nope, gotta unlock everything first. Also during the early release of the game, you’d have to play for nine days to finally have all the tools, which they thankfully implemented a faster method to earn them.



Cut Content


Need I say more?


Disappointing Levels

Good levels are hard to come by, and I definitely felt a waste of time playing levels that have no thought put into them. There are some people who decided “Hey, let’s have a Kamek RIDE a Bowser Jr. RIDING a clown car RIDING two Bowsers ON TOP OF one with wings”. While it might a good method of familiarizing yourself with the tools, nobody enjoys playing them; sorry to burst your bubble.



Vertical Levels

This might be purely my thought, but I wanted to create a level where you would have to jump on top of cannonballs to reach the top of the level,  but unfortunately all levels are horizontal fixated, restricting the community and ME from creating what I want. I don’t understand why Nintendo excluded this from Super Mario Maker as vertical levels have been seen in previous 2D mario games.


Timing Objects

All timing in Super Mario Maker revolves around whether it’s visible on the screen or not, so if I can see a row of cannons, they would all fire at the same time. This also prevented me from creating the level I have envisioned. While this might be a nitpick, this one level that I want to create was my entire reason for picking the game up.



While some of these may be unrealisable due to a variety of reasons, I had my hopes up for create mode. I know that Nintendo can only put in so much, but I’m sure they could have EASILY bumped up the height of a level.


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