Introduction to “Fate February”

It all started in the summer of 2015.

I was in the middle of an anime-slump, if you will.  I was in a state where I did not feel like watching anything.  Life had no meaning, no purpose to me.  As the summer days started, my anime life was as dry as the air itself

Nothing really piqued my interest and I was desperately searching for something to tickle my fancy and get my anime vibe back, so to speak.


But then, as if by my innermost wish, a certain anime series was summoned to my life.


I was on a trip to New York, and I was searching for anime that I could watch on the 12-hour bus journey on the way there.  As I scrolled through a whole bunch of anime online, my eyes wandered upon a show called Fate/ Stay Night.  Now, I knew the general premise of the show, and I was very familiar with how hyped it was amongst the anime community, so I said, “Ah, to heck with it” and tried it out.

I actually slept through one of the episodes because the exposition was so long and dragging.

bait stay night

And then I finished the show, and even though I wasn’t as impressed as I could’ve been, I still enjoyed myself and could see how people liked it.  Now, I have heard about Fate/Zero being a contemporary masterpiece, and I will say that I was initially skeptical.  How could a prequel (of all things) give justice to something like Fate/Stay Night?  And what makes it so great that it is essentially considered a show that is one of anime’s best?

When I came home from my vacation about a week later, I tried out Fate/Zero on Netflix.

After the first episode, I saw the light.  Everything that I had to go through in Fate/Stay Night became oh-so worth it.


Now, I’m starting with this strange soliloquy to introduce you guys to “Fate February”, which is essentially my way of celebrating another year of writing in this wonderful site.  In essence, I will have a new review and a whole bunch of articles solely pertaining to the Fate anime series over the course of the month.  I’m doing this because not only will I be able to celebrate my 2 year of editorial writing, but also I get to do it with my most favorite anime franchise ever, so why the heck not?

Plus, I get to spread the word of Fate, so that’s always a good thing, because I recognize that there are poor creatures out there who, for whatever reason, haven’t or refuse to watch anything from the Fate franchise, and that saddens me, so might as well enlighten as much people as I can.

angry saber carnival phantsm

Anywho, without further fanfare, I present to you guys my schedule for Fate February:

  • February 8- Top 5 Servants (sans. Saber)
  • February 12- Top 8 Fate Opening Themes
  • February 16- The Order of the Fate Series:  Which Should You Watch First?
  • February 20- Top 5 Carnival Phantasm Skits
  • February 22- Fate Adaptations I Want to See in the Future
  • February 26- Anime Review:  Fate/Zero

So, there you have it.  This will be my schedule for the rest of the month.  It will be fun, hopefully, and I hope to share my thoughts on this wonderful series and maybe see what you guys think of it as well.  I hope you guys will enjoy whatever I put up, and as always I will do my best to make sure that my articles are nothing short of your expectations, however low those may be.

So, until the next article comes out, I bid you all adieu.  This has been Ken from Anime Reviews, and I’ll see you all in the future.

shiro thumbs up

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