-KLAUS- : A Game Review

Hey all, Kiki here and I have another game review for you!

Anyone that follows me via social media is well-aware of my preferences in the gaming industry. I like role-playing games, first-person shooters, action and adventure games, and MMOs. I don’t particularly take on the repetition of sports games, nor do I care much for racing games. And on that note, I never really played many platformers either. Now, it isn’t that I dislike platformers, but I never really had a gift for them. Especially platformers that focus heavily on puzzles and problem-solving.

With all of that disclaimed for you lovely readers, I had the absolute pleasure of playing a puzzle platformer known as Klaus! Or better yet: -KLAUS-



The focus of –KLAUS- is the idea of discovery. The game starts out following an office worker that wakes up in a basement of a building unknown. The more you assist him in escaping, the more you are revealed of who he is, how he got there, and his overall story. Along with discovering your identity, you are tasked with escaping the never ending building that you wake up in.

Without giving way to spoilers, the story is very engaging. As you follow the main character through the levels, you are eager to learn and obtain every secret to find out who he is. The earliest levels are fairly vague, which can work to either the favor or downfall of the story. For some, it leaves curiosity, while others can be left feeling empty or void.



The most rewarding part about –Klaus- is its simple, but unique gameplay. It utilizes every aspect of the controller, including the touchpad featured on the PS4. The touch-pad gives you a very interactive feel when playing the game. You have to use the touch-pad to select certain pieces and move them around. Certain levels featured a “timed” aspect, which requires quick reflexes and fast movements with the touch-pad, giving the game a certain level of challenge.

It becomes even more challenging (and even more enjoyable) when your companion, K1, joins. He has his own diverse move pool, which further helps the protagonist in his journey. The two characters join their powers to venture across 40+ levels (6 to 8 hours worth) in their venture to escape.


Along with its thrilling soundtrack, one of the most entertaining aspects of the game is how it breaks the fourth wall with the character the the person playing the game. Throughout the game, text appears throughout the borders which simulate the character talking with the player. Depending on if you are utilizing K1, or “Klaus”, the text and dialect alters.


Being a non-platform gamer, I thoroughly enjoyed KLAUS as a whole. The story was engaging, the soundtrack was amazing, and the gameplay was interactive and rewarding. I was surprised at how invested in the game I became after starting it. It reminded me much of Limbo, which was the only previous platform – style game I had played. I look forward to, now, trying other platformers of similar style and look forward to reviewing them in the future.

PS. Will be uploading a playthroughof the game on the Buttonsmashers Youtube channel! I hope everyone stays tuned!


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