Heaven’s Feel to be a Trilogy [REACTION]

On March 27, 2016, at Anime Japan, studio ufotable announced that the 3rd route in the Fate/Stay Night series, Heaven’s Feel, will be a trilogy of movies, with the first movie airing some time in 2017.





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I have been waiting for news about the continuation of the Fate/Stay Night anime series, and finally, it has come to this.

Actually representation of Fate fans upon discovering more news about the Heaven’s Feel movie adaptation.

Now, granted, I wasn’t waiting for more than 2 WHOLE YEARS ever since ufotable cockteased the entire anime community with the announcement that they will be adapting the Heaven’s Feel arc of the Fate/Stay Night visual-novel series into a movie.

We waited for SO LONG (yes 2 years is a long time please), and we finally get SOMETHING:  the long-awaited and highly-anticipated theatrical release of the Heaven’s Feel route will be screened sometime next year, with two more movies forthcoming, making the whole thing essentially a trilogy.


So, what does this news mean, for the fans of the Fate series, those who haven’t seen the series yet, and the skeptics who came off from the Fate/Zero coattails and now have found themselves pessimistic about everything Fate that comes afterwards?


Well, to put it simply, it means that the series will finally be over.


Let me elaborate a bit on that.


Now, this might come as a surprise, but I really love the Fate franchise.


However, I do recognize that, with the exception of Fate/Zero, it’s not necessarily a very outstanding series for all the hype it has garnered.

The original 2006 DEEN adaptation of the first Fate/Stay Night route was only a little bit above average AT BEST, and flaws were littered all across the series that made it more convoluted and meta than it needed to be.  The 2014 ufotable adaptation of the Unlimited Blade Works route was a thousand steps above the original, fixing a lot of its problems, but even then it still lacked some sort of continual integrity from its predecessor (and it doesn’t help that your predecessor is something like Fate/Zero), relied too much on foreground knowledge for a lot of its plot points, and is essentially a lackluster continuation AND conclusion to the series as a whole.

And no, we’re not gonna talk about the 2010 UBW movie.  That one can go burn in hellfire for all I care.


So, for us fans, this movie can be something that the series so desperately needs:  a satisfying conclusion.  This is the final chance for ufotable to turn things around and make the whole series legendary by giving it a proper ending, and the fact that they’re making a trilogy out of the arc essentially eliminates my fear of this adaptation being just like the 2010 Unlimited Blade Works movie:  rushed as all hell and littered with plot holes and subplots.

Essentially, if this trilogy proves to be successful (and by “successful” I mean “good”), then the whole Fate/Stay Night series will not only be complete, but it will be able to solidify its place as to whether or not it’s a brilliant set of sequels for the already-legendary Fate/Zero, and that’s something that all Fate fans would like to happen.

The series will finally be complete; we don’t have to worry about what to show to people who really liked Fate/Zero and what to expand their knowledge on the Fate universe.

Either tears of joy from the Heaven’s Feel movies being great, or tears of despair from it being garbage; only time will tell.

We don’t have to suffer the shame of having to recommend the 2006 Fate adaptation and having them left to its mercy of not having a decent end (or an above average story, for that matter).

And finally:  we don’t have to continually search for alternatives or make excuses as to why the series isn’t as complete as it could be.

But all that can only be achieved if the movies do well.  Only time will tell if the Heaven’s Feel trilogy will complete the franchise with a concrete end that can make it legendary.


But one thing is for sure amidst all the uncertainty.


79303lIt’s Fate.  I’ll watch it regardless of what happens.  I’ll be excited for any new developments.  If anything, the only real certainty here is that the animation will 99% most likely be FREAKING AMAZING.


Because it’s ufotable.

Granted, they could still fail, but it would take some real effort for them to actually flunk on this one, so I’m confident that ufotable will do fine with this movie.  Now, all that’s left to worry is how the movies will intersperse the long-ass story of the Heaven’s Feel arc into just 3 movies, but I’m sure they’ll find a way


Anywho, whether it turns out great or it turns to shit, I’ll be looking forward to whatever ufotable is gonna throw at me.



Because, right now, I’m just glad we’re getting more of a wonderful series, and I can only hope that it meets, or shatters, expectations.




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-whenever that may be!

rin wink

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