New Gameplay Trailer For I Am Setsuna Reveals More Details And A Release Date

Ever since we saw the initial concept art at E3 last year, I thought that I am Setsuna was an interesting thing to pay attention to, while everyone else jumped on the hate train for something they barely knew anything about. As time has passed, we have received more information regarding the game and stuff from the Japanese release. This time around, we are finally getting an English trailer, with an unfortunately poor and annoying narrator talking through half of it, instead of letting the great piano music and gameplay speak for itself.

This trailer gives us a basic introduction into the allegedly “emotional and unforgettable” story, along with some footage of the environments, dialogue and even the Chrono Trigger-inspired combat system. Along with the marvelous music, this trailer shows us a pretty good idea of what to expect.

If any of you are interested, then you can get this game on July 19 for $39.99 on PS4 and PC via Steam, which is a lot cheaper than the $60 price tag that I was expecting. Anyone that pre-orders the game on PC will receive a special music track from composer Tomoki Miyoshi.

I’m really, really interested in this game. On top of all the games that will come out this summer, I’m going to have to make time for this one. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get the game on Vita though…

Source: Youtube (Square Enix NA)

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