Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Has Some New Gameplay Footage for Side Quests and Battles


I would like to give people a general heads-up. As much as people seem to be very apprehensive about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, I think it’ll be a pretty good game, especially based on the opinions I’ve been hearing from people that have actually played it. The game is going to arrive very soon on June 24th. As a person that wishes to support this game and let as many people know about it as possible, I will try my best to post some articles related to the game until the game is released, because I really do care about it that much.

Today, we have a couple gameplay videos that show off side quests and battle, which to me look very fun and colorful to play through. Youtube user NintenDaan, who has also written an informative preview piece on the game, has provided the videos you are about to see. I hope you enjoy and also think about purchasing the game when it comes out.

Source: Youtube (NintenDaan), Nintendo World Report

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