Resurfaced Gameboy Color RPG Infinity’s Soundtrack Now Online!

I’m sure a lot of you remember that unreleased Gameboy Color RPG Infinity that we talked about not too long ago. Well, now we have another bit of good news coming out of the people involved with the cancelled project. After 15 years, Materia Collective has released the entire official soundtrack for Infinity, created by Eric E. Hache and the game’s sound engineer Mathew Valente.

The soundtrack consists of 31 chiptune tracks that sound like a game that was lost to time and somehow came back; and that’s probably because it is, which only serves to make it look better when you find out that it sounds pretty great.

You can purchase the Infinity Official Soundtrack through places like Loudr, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play and even listen to it on Spotify. Even though this is for a game that never came out, I recommend you get this special piece of gaming history that never showed up until now.

Source: Materia CollectiveInfinity Soundtrack (Bandcamp link)

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  1. This game has an interesting history, and I recall that a few years back, the developers released some trailers for the game that had been lost to time as well, and even put out some “soundtrack samplers” that gave an idea of what the game sounded like. It’s great to see the full soundtrack finally released though, because this game had some good music in it.

    I wonder if they plan to ever take the story and gameplay and maybe retool it into a modern release?

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