Yomawari Sequel “Shin Yomawari” Announced!

After Nippon Ichi Software released a teaser website containing a 360 degree Youtube video of someone exploring a town a night, we knew something was up. The video pretty much mimics the gameplay style of Yomawari exactly, so an announcement related to the game was imminent. Quickly after the video was out, the announcement was made that Shin Yomawari, a sequel to Yomawari was currently in the works. Through Dengeki Magazine, it has been revealed that the game will come out on PS Vita and PS4, but we can also assume that there will be a PC release somewhere down the line. Considering how the previous Yomawari game came to PC, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume the same for the sequel.

Shin Yomawari is a sequel to the previous game and will have a world that is more than twice the size as the original. The game will also star two protagonists. The two sisters Yui and Haru go to see the summer fireworks at the mountains, but get separated on the way back. From there on, the night falls and we start to see a similar gameplay style as before, but it seems that it’s been expanded further. In order to reunite, they have to explore the world and avoid ghosts that’ll kill you instantly. The game will cost 6,980 yen on PlayStation 4 and 5,980 yen on PS Vita.

If you haven’t read our review of the original Yomawari, we highly recommend that you do. It’s an awesome game that I recommend you play before getting into the sequel.

If any of you missed the 360 degree video teasing the game, you can watch it below.


Source: Dengeki Online

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