VIZ Media Has Acquired The Rights To Publish Splatoon Manga

Did you know that Splatoon has a manga? Well no worries, neither did we until few hours ago. The manga in question will be based on the third-person shooter Wii U game that was released back in 2015.

The amazing folks over at VIZ Media have announced that they will be publishing the manga in the NA region. The Manga, created by Hinodeya Sankichi, is scheduled to launch exclusively in print in late 2017 and will be rated ‘A’ for All Ages.

In the SPLATOON manga series, four Inklings that can switch between human and squid forms get caught up in a Splatoon Turf War that launches them into all-new adventures inspired by the hit Nintendo video game!

Manga creator and artist Sankichi Hinodeya first appeared in a bonus issue of Square Enix’s Gangan Powered magazine with the series Maho Bozu Sankyu (Magical Monk Sankyu). In 2015, Hinodeya created the manga adaptation of SPLATOON, which is currently serialized in Japan in Corocoro Comic Magazine.

We’ll have more details on this and other VIZ Media liences soon.

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